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Articles written in Romanian language Romanian flag

Shades, Dot and Comma

The technical details of cultural elements should be underpinned by clear and unequivocal documentation, so that referring to a specific rule of a language or culture does not put in trouble any of the parties who wish to interact in either way.

However, there are technical details left simply to chance and of which we are told some crap about a foreign influence that is said to wipe out our Romanian tradition, while important national landmarks are recorded on the basis of criteria that are worthy of the Middle Ages.

Shades, Dot and Comma »

This article was published on Contributors.ro .

English the languages

Quote from a joint Council Of Europe & European Commission declaration, 26 September 2011:

Against the current backdrop of increasing mobility, globalisation of the economy and changing economic trends, the need to learn languages and develop plurilingual and intercultural education is more obvious than ever before.

My mobility didn’t increased when compared to the past and neither do I feel the need for more – I thank them for their concern anyway – but it is also true that there is an increasing amount of mobile devices  that surrounds me. And on the matter, on 30 July 2014,

the Commission proposes to reject this petition to legislate for the protection of the cultural and linguistic heritage of Member States in the field of modern electronic systems.

English the languages »

European languages on virtual keyboards

The way accented national letters are generated on modern mobile devices discourages proper writing in one’s mother tongue. Strangely nobody seems to care, while the European Union claims the Union shall contribute to the flowering of the culture of the Member States, the plurality of languages, cultural diversity, preservation of regional traditions, blah, blah.

Letters and keystrokes »

The Romanian language in the computer age

Rather technical than purely linguistic:

  • Information about Romanian language compatibility on Microsoft Windows Vista (and beyond).
    Info WinVista »
  • Standardized Romanian keyboard layout driver, for Microsoft Windows versions prior to Vista.
    RO Keyboard »
  • The Romanian characters ș and ț issue.
    ș’s and ț’s »
  • Accessing the € (Euro Sign) on Romanian keyboards.
    € on Romanian keyboard »
  • Character encoding and glyph names in fonts used to write correctly the Romanian language.
    Fonts Encoding »
  • Forum focused especially on localization issues, like standardized & other keyboard layouts, character encoding, fonts, etc. But not only that.
    Forum »
Articles written in English language United Kingdom flag

SMS story

The time stands still: a SMS text message treats with contempt most of the world languages, just as it did from the very beginning. Very long story, intricate and probably endless.

SMS Story »

Miscellaneous technical

In no particular order:

  • GPI camera tally interface for StreamStar, for up to 8 studio cameras.
    SSGPITally »
  • Hardware interface for controlling Fujinon B4-mount lenses through VISCA commands.
    VifuLens »
  • JOyVerride: a professional Joystick Override GPI input interface for broadcast camera OCP/RCP/RCU, designed to work in conjunction with Blackmagic Design Videohub routers.
    JOyVerride »
  • A solution for camera Bluetooth remote control on Nokia 808 PureView or Nokia N8 phones.
    Nokia BT Remote Control »
  • Solving a few software issues on ASUS R700 GPS device, either with original ASUS GO version, or when installing iGO8 version on it.
    iGO on ASUS »

The strange nature of hobby: ZX Zone

It’s about Sinclair ZX Spectrum, an 8-bit computer from the past century. There are many web sites around treating this subject, however, I tried to focus on something less usual: the +3.

ZX Zone »

Who am I ?

My name is Cristian Secară. Secărică is just a nickname given by friends and colleagues, a naming that I used for registering the internet domain many years ago. Read further a few words about me, just in case you’re curious.


From a technical standpoint, this web site has a multilingual structure (Romanian / English), but the articles themselves are mostly written in a single language variant - in principle that of the target audience. Some menus or explanations are shown in the language as defined by the user’s browser settings or in the one chosen by clicking the flags located on the main menu bar, but the content of articles is, in general, unique.

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