Versions history of the software companion for VifuLens hardware interface available on this site:


  • bug fix – prevent zoom DAC “direct drive” value to overlap between its two operating modes
  • bug fix – inquiry responses for CAM_ZoomPosInq, CAM_FocusInq and CAM_IrisInq no longer returns additional ACK or Completion message


  • clearer separation of ZFI commands filtering
  • internal development & testing only - added a fake response possibility for AddressSet, IF_Clear, CAM_Power, CAM_PowerInq and Pan-Tilt Drive, in order to be able to test some program functions without a physical PT(Z) head


  • crash prevention fix – sending an abnormal command packet under 4 bytes is now ignored


  • first true release
  • included with the hardware interface


  • internal development & testing only - attempts of various variants


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